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SpinCal Scheduler is an easily implemented, out-of-the-box, web-accessible resource-scheduling tool. It easily integrates with enterprise applications and existing databases.

SpinCal Scheduler is ideally suited for leading enterprise and workforce management software companies to integrate in their own offerings. This includes vendors of SRM (Supplier Resource Management), CRM (Customer Relation Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and other resource management applications. The companies can quickly have a powerful resource scheduler that complements their core offering.

SpinCal Scheduler is a powerful, robust, flexible scheduling tool, based on an open architecture and standard technologies. Our solution out performs other products in terms of ease of use, speed of implementation and adaptability.

Our scheduler is in use with organizations across a range of industries where resource scheduling is critical to operations. These include health clinics, hospitals, field service companies, schools and educational institutions and high tech companies.

Fully implemented in several CRM/ERP applications, SpinCal Scheduler has a rapidly growing user base and is gaining recognition in the Enterprise Application Vendor market.

Steady development through industry feedback

SpinCal Scheduler was introduced to the market in late 2003 and has been improved since then, based on valuable experience with several different customer segments:

SpinCal Scheduler is installed in a wide variety of small to large organizations, particularly those involved in the provision of services (including telecommunications, telemarketing, medical centers, and body treatment centers). Major changes and enhancements made to modify the software to industry needs, in response to customer requests.

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