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SpinCal Scheduler - At-a-Glance Resource Scheduling

Product overview
SpinCal Scheduler is an out-of-the-box, resource scheduling tool that meets the growing need for a flexible, easy to use solution that itegrates seamlessy with the organization's existing data bases and enterprise applications. It is based on an open architecture and standard technologies, allowing great flexibility for adaption to specific customer requirements. SpinCal Scheduler features an intuitive and features-rich single-screen calendar interface. Users schedule appointments and work shifts by simple "clicking and booking".

SpinCal is designed for enterprise application vendors to easily intergrate this powerful scheduler and coplements their own core offering.

SpinCal Scheduler integrates fully with the customer’s enterprise application and corresponding database, as well as with other software assets (such as Microsoft® Outlook, mobile SMS programs, and telephone activation via CTI), optimizing the use and sharing of knowledge within the organization.

Powerful scheduling capability for Enterprise vendors
By incorporating the SpinCal Scheduler in your enterprise application, you provide ready-to-use, powerful personal and group scheduling capability. Simple, well documented APIs and dynamic parameter definitions enable you and your system integrators to easily adapt SpinCal Scheduler to different industry segments and specific customer needs. Your customers benefit from faster, more efficient scheduling, with less time wasted due to administrative errors and an improved ability to provide quality service to their own customers.

Uses the existing enterprise application and database
The SpinCal Scheduler integrates seamlessly with the organization’s existing enterprise application and database, from which it sources data related to customers (name, location, type, etc.) employees (names, working hours, vacation time, etc.), and other resource management data. SpinCal Scheduler automatically saves all user-created scheduling data back into the organization’s database.

Key features
Easy implementation: Simple, well documented APIs, database drivers, dynamic parameter definitions, and database drivers enable fast and easy integration with existing enterprise applications such as xRM, ERP, and others.
Easy interconnectivity: SpinCal Scheduler supports bi-directional integration with MS Outlook, mobile SMS programs, as well as support for telephone activation via CTI.
Rich, flexible scheduling: Scheduling of multiple resources by individual, defined group, or ad-hoc group; definable time intervals; easy integration of vendor screens and customer business logic; dynamic addition of menu items; tool tips
Visually rich GUI: Multiple color-coding of resources and appointments, to provide an instant assessment and optimal use of resource availability.
Ease of use: Intuitive, single-screen interface, user-definable views, and easy start-up means that the software can easily be used by staff with minimal computer skills.
This is a major advantage over many other scheduling programs currently on the market that do not offer the same ease-of-use and also require moving between many different screens to achieve the similar results.
Web-accessibility: Secure access via web browsers, for use from any platform, any time, anywhere

Strong value proposition for your customers:
Shortened scheduling time – Extensive ease-of-use, quick start-up, and all-in-one display of needed information enable effective and efficient scheduling
Increased organizational productivity – Use of the most accurate data, including the latest information regarding unavailability, reduces scheduling errors and conflicts, increasing productivity
Improved service – Ability to respond quickly improves customer service and satisfaction
Knowledge capture – Full tracking and storage of scheduling data, for later reference and analysis

SpinCal Scheduler gives enterprise application vendors a competitive edge, through simple, easily implemented, comprehensive resource scheduling capabilities that facilitate effective resource management.

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