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SpinCal Scheduler for the Healthcare Industry

Successfully serving the healthcare industry, SpinCal Scheduler provides healthcare managers and schedule coordinators with the tools to optimize operating-room (OR) usage and increase efficiency. This increases revenues, controls costs and improves quality of service.

Our solution has been successfully deployed in outpatient clinics and ORs. We offer managers of a cluster of hospitals and several outpatient clinics the ability to synchronize between the various systems and to optimally manage shared resources.

Implementing SpinCal Scheduler enables hospitals to perform more operations using the same OR capacity. Our solution supports many hospital IT configurations and interfaces to existing patient administration systems.

SpinCal Scheduler solves the complex scheduling challenge across multiple departments and facilities, taking into account all relevant resources. These include:

Personnel (surgeons, nurses, technicians, anesthetists and other healthcare workers)

ORs (in all facilities)

Medical equipment

Outpatient clinics schedules

Key Benefits

Increased revenues: more precise scheduling increases revenues by improving resource utilization and reducing waste of valuable time and money.

Power in simplicity: SpinCal Scheduler is designed to work with the human operators who best recognize the environment that the scheduling serves, giving them the perfect tool to make optimum scheduling decisions. This is a critical advantage over the seemingly "fully-automated" systems in the market that use complex algorithms and do not allow human judgment.

Ease of use: our solution is easy to learn and is quickly adopted by users. Users enjoy an intuitive tool, a single-screen to interact with and an intuitive graphical interface (drag and drop). The visually rich GUI uses multiple color-coding of resources and appointments to provide instant assessment and optimal use of resource availability.

Ease of integration: simple, well-documented APIs, dynamic parameter definitions and an open source data-access layer enable fast and easy integration with existing IT systems and enterprise applications.

Flexibility: the open architecture and standard technologies allow greater flexibility and adaptation to specific customer requirements. This flexibility means the hospital can continue to use SpinCal Scheduler even as they upgrade or change ERP or CRM systems.

Real-time solution: particularly important for a cluster of hospitals sharing the same resources; our solution works in real-time. All users see an accurate, up-to-date picture of the current schedule, eliminating the possibility of conflicts and errors.

Simple interconnectivity: bi-directional integration with MS Outlook, SMS programs and telephone activation via CTI.

Case Studies


"Since adapting SpinCal Scheduler, our scheduling is around 30% more efficient. We no longer deal with conflicts and errors as we used to in the past. The clear visual approach makes the work of the schedule coordinator much more intuitive. Replacing our previously automated scheduling system by SpinCal Scheduler proved to be the right choice".

Mr. Bruno Lavi, CIO, Assuta

Assuta Medical Center is Israel's largest private healthcare provider managing 11 medical centers, offering quality medical services to a broad spectrum of patients. With 24-hour emergency services, the hospital is staffed around the clock. Work schedules have to be allocated, ensuring there are enough doctors and nurses with the right skills and with the right equipment and operating theaters to best meet the needs of the patients.

SpinCal Scheduler achievements:

Optimum scheduling allowing flexibility to enter decisions manually, taking advantage of the extensive knowledge and experience of the schedule coordinators.

Full synchronization among all medical centers.

Better response time by the schedule coordinators (about 30% efficiency increase).

Increased customer satisfaction from a reduced number of cancellations caused by scheduling and allocation conflicts.

Higher doctors' satisfaction and an improved work relationship with the rest of the staff thanks to better usage of their time.

HMC - Herzliya Medical Centers

"We first implemented SpinCal Scheduler in our outpatient clinics. The solution is highly intuitive to the users, and we achieved an amazing level of zero scheduling errors. We are now extending the solution to our ORs to synchronize between the two systems and achieve even better efficiency and higher resource utilization".

Mr. Benny Alima, CIO HMC

Herzlia Medical Center (HMC) is a private hospital employing more than 500 physicians and surgeons, 350 professional staff and eight ORs. The center performs some 10,000 operations a year, including 500 open heart surgeries.

SpinCal Scheduler achievements:

Better workflow. All authorized personnel can update the scheduling and all departments can view the schedule in real time.

Increased efficiency and OR utilization.

The hospital's management reported over 25% improvement in efficiency as a direct result of implementing SpinCal Scheduler. Scheduling errors reduced to zero!

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