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Key Features

Easy implementation: Easy integration with existing Enterprise Applications such as CRM and ERP. The solution provides a simple, well documented APIs and dynamic parameter definitions. It works as a stand-alone scheduling tool or as an integrated part of an Enterprise Application Software.

Easy interconnectivity: SpinCal Scheduler supports bi-directional integration with MS Outlook, mobile SMS programs and telephone activation via CTI.

Real time: Particularly important for customers running multiple sites- our solution works in real-time. All users see an accurate, up-to-date picture of the current schedule, eliminating the possibility of conflicts and errors.

Rich, flexible scheduling: Multiple resources scheduled individually, by defined groups, or by ad-hoc groups; definable time intervals, dynamic addition of menu items and tooltips, and much more.

Visually rich GUI: The visually rich GUI uses multiple color-coding of resources and appointments to provide instant assessment and optimal use of resource availability.

Ease of use: Our solution is easy to learn and quickly adopted by users thanks to the intuitive graphical interface with just a single screen to focus on.

Web-accessibility: Secure web access.

Benefits to Software Application Vendors

Using SpinCal Scheduler, Enterprise Application Vendors can increase their competitive edge:

Powerful and simple scheduling capabilities for individuals, groups, and other resources

Simple and fast integration and implementation

Dynamic parameters for easy adaptation to any industry and various customer needs

Simple incorporation of vendor application screens

Easy adjustment to customer's business rules

End-User Benefits

SpinCal Scheduler offers important value to the end-user :

Easy and efficient appointment scheduling

Easy to learn and use

Highly intuitive design and user interface enables users to make optimal use of features

Single screen display enabling quick assessment and response, shortening scheduling time

Web-accessible, enabling support for remote employees and last minute updates

Increased organizational productivity

Work with accurate data, including the most current information of resource availability

Increases scheduling staff efficiency - SpinCal is easy to navigate and takes less time to schedule each event. Significantly reduces human error and scheduling conflicts

Improves organization's use of resources by enabling optimal scheduling

Improved service

Improves customer service and satisfaction by responding quickly to changes and avoiding cancellations

Knowledge capture and decision support

Full tracking and storage of scheduling data, for later reference and analysis

Visual display of scheduled slots facilitates ad-hoc decisions and enables better understanding of patterns

Designed to work with the human operators who best recognize the environment that the scheduling serves, giving them the best tool to make optimum scheduling decisions


Leverages existing database, for optimal use of company IP

Interconnects to MS Outlook, mobile SMS systems, and the installed telephone system enabling 24 hours updates and accurate information

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