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SpinCal Scheduler is based on Windows® environment and is web-enabled. Developed in VC++ using object-oriented programming to ensure optimal, powerful performance, the software has a 3-tiered architecture. Our product comprises an application server, data-access layer, and a graphical user interface. The software makes use of standard Windows components to the greatest extent possible.

Using the source code of the data-access layer, SpinCal Scheduler can be integrated with any existing or future database used by the organization. It integrates seamlessly with external applications allowing system integrators and others to incorporate customized screens and business logic.

SpinCal Scheduler supports all forms of relational databases (including Access, SQL, Oracle) and can interface with other databases (such as DBF), by means of ODBC.


The three-tiered architecture is comprised of the following components:

Standard-based client interface - The graphic user interface, written in VC++ and compiled into an ActiveX, runs on the client side under a browser or as a component built into the vendor's application.

SpinCal Scheduler application server - The application server, also written in VC++, is compiled into a DLL. This component handles the organization's business logic, the scheduler's communication layer, synchronization among all clients, etc.

Data-access layer - The Data-access layer is available in a wide variety of languages (including Visual Basic, C# and VB.NET). This component enables the SpinCal Scheduler to be linked to a wide range of databases.

APIs and Parameters
SpinCal Scheduler is equipped with a full set of APIs and parameters (including client properties, events, and methods) which facilitates integration with different applications and databases. The ActiveX comprises a large list of properties and methods, so as to provide vendors and other integrators with maximum flexibility and freedom in integrating the Scheduler within the target application.

Communication and Messaging
SpinCal Scheduler supports bi-directional communication with Microsoft® Outlook, mobile SMS programs, and telephone activation via CTI. This enables the application to use functionality provided by these communication methods, such as email, paging and SMS, to notify employees of appointments and schedule changes.

SpinCal Scheduler also provides an advanced reminder mechanism that notifies users of upcoming, user-defined events.

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